Countries that offer Digital Nomad Visas

Digital Nomad Visa

Digital nomads, also referred to as remote workers, live their lives moving from one country to another. One of the reasons they do so is that tourist visas are issued for a short period of time, making them have to move to another country once it expires. A Digital Nomad Visa has become more common thanks to countries acknowledging the benefits of such people living and working on their soil. One benefit of having such remote workers is that they generate money for the country’s economy at some point.

These visas are for one year, and you can renew them in subsequent years. You can apply for most of these visas online, depending on the country, and they are affordable. In most cases, all that’s needed is to meet a minimum monthly income and a few other requirements like health insurance.

Have you ever wanted to work while traveling across the world? This goal is now a reality for many people because of technological innovation. We’ll examine how digital nomads alter how we live and work in this post and how and where you can join this expanding community. 

What is a Digital Nomad Visa?

Do you aspire to explore the world and make a living simultaneously? In that case, a Digital Nomad Visa may be precisely what you require. With digital nomad or remote working visas, employees can spend some time abroad while continuing to conduct business. This implies that you can continue to work for your employer back home while living abroad for even 12 months or more. And benefit from the healthcare, educational, and even tax systems. This depends on if you have a temporary residence or a permanent one.

One of the major requirements for applying for a digital nomad visa is to provide proof of income. A minimum income requirement has to be met. The goal of the nomad visa is to entice remote workers who can boost the local economy without eliminating jobs for residents. Also, another mandatory requirement is to have travel insurance, including medical expenses. 

Although the idea of nomad visas is still relatively new, numerous nations increasingly provide them to entice remote workers. Doing your homework before applying is crucial because every country has different requirements and application procedures. We’ll look at various nations that grant tourist visas to digital nomads in the next section. Including some information you should know before applying.

Digital Nomad Visa

What countries offer this visa?

Are you a digital nomad seeking your upcoming journey? There are countless opportunities, as many nations now grant long-term visas for remote workers. Whether you wish to travel to a bustling city or a tropical paradise, there is a location for you. Each of the countries discussed in this article has launched its digital nomad visa.

Digital Nomad Visa Countries in Europe

  • Portugal: due to its low cost of living, beaches, and clean environment, Portugal is a must for all digital nomads. So, bring a family member or members to enjoy this beautiful country.
  • Czech Republic: digital nomads who love cultural history will fall in love with this destination. The Czech Republic always has something new and exciting to discover, thanks to its stunning architecture and exciting nightlife.
  • Croatia: is more like a hidden gem in Europe with breathtaking natural beauty, a fascinating history, and a not-so-modern lifestyle. Those who have visited know exactly what we mean. It is an ideal destination for digital nomads trying to avoid the congestion and noise of major cities. Check out our guide on all you need to know to apply for the Croatian Digital Nomad Visa.
  • Germany: a wonderful place to discover both contemporary culture and old-world charm. With its rich history, lively cities, and breathtaking natural beauty, this region always has something new to explore.
  • Hungary: is quickly gaining popularity among digital nomads due to its affordable housing, fascinating cultural past, and stunning natural scenery. On the other hand, its vibrant startup community is also a plus for remote workers seeking to network and collaborate.
  • Estonia: a great option for digital nomads seeking to be at the cutting edge of innovation. It has a small population and a flourishing IT economy. Its unique culture and nature’s beauty make it the ideal location for remote workers looking for a change of scenery.
  • Spain: its pleasant temperature, stunning beaches, and rich culture make it a preferred spot for digital nomads. For those individuals that want the perfect balance of work and pleasure. Check out our guide on all you need to know to apply for the Spanish Digital Nomad Visa.
  • Italy: digital nomads who enjoy history, culture, and cuisine should visit this country. It is a feast for the senses because of its exquisite architecture, delectable cuisine, and beautiful surroundings. Italy is desirable for remote workers looking to be at the cutting edge of innovation due to its thriving startup culture.
  • Iceland: is a tiny country, yet it is filled with incredible natural beauty, including magnificent glaciers and waterfalls. So, it is ideal for digital nomads who enjoy the great outdoors and wish to discover unexplored territory. Its unique culture and growing tech scene make it an attractive location for remote employees seeking innovation.
  • Romania: is a rapidly developing location for digital nomads, offering low living expenses, breathtaking natural surroundings, and a profound cultural legacy. And, thanks to its strong IT sector, Romania attracts remote employees looking to be at the forefront of innovation.
  • Malta: is a tiny island with a pleasant temperature, beautiful beaches, and a significant cultural history. So, it’s the ideal location for digital nomads looking to escape the cold. Its robust startup culture makes it appealing to business owners and remote workers looking to network.
  • Norway: is a stunning destination for digital nomads who love the outdoors. It is a refuge for environment enthusiasts thanks to its fjords, mountains, and glaciers. Norway is an excellent choice for anyone who wishes to balance employment with a high standard of living. Its thriving startup culture attracts entrepreneurs and remote workers seeking like-minded individuals.
  • Greece: excellent climate, breathtaking beaches, and rich cultural heritage make it a popular holiday destination for digital nomads. This area constantly offers new things to discover with its stunning islands and intriguing ruins. Check out our guide on all you need to know to apply for the Greek Digital Nomad Visa.

Nomads in Europe, Greece

Digital Nomad Visa Countries in Africa

  • Cape Verde: lovely beaches, calm weather, and a not-so-modern way of life. It is the perfect place for digital nomads who wish to lay off away from congested and noisy towns. 
  • Mauritius: a superb beach destination with lovely rivers and lively culture. So, it is ideal for digital nomads who wish to blend work and recreation. 
  • Namibia: It is a hidden gem in the heart of Africa, with breathtaking natural beauty and abundant wildlife. It’s perfect for teleworkers who love outdoor activities and want to trail hills and sand dunes. 

Working and living in Africa as a Nomad

Digital Nomad Visa Countries in the Caribbean

  • Anguilla: offers a retreat from congested and noisy modern places to a more traditional lifestyle. Its fascinating culture and growing startup economy make it a desirable location for teleworkers.
  • Antigua and Barbuda: a Caribbean paradise with warm weather and vibrant culture.
  • Barbados: is a small Caribbean island that is home to warm sandy beaches, calm weather, and a more traditional lifestyle. It is ideal for digital nomads who wish to relax in a warm and peaceful environment. So, try your luck now and you could get the Bahamas extended access to travel.
  • Bermuda: is an exquisite Caribbean island that provides a slower pace of life and an escape from crowded areas. 
  • Curaçao: is a small Caribbean island with sandy beaches, a calm climate, and a rich culture. So, for digital nomads who are interested in recreation, it’s a must-stop. 
  • Dominica: has a scenery to behold, with stunning features such as waterfalls and vast canopy. For teleworkers who enjoy the outdoors and wish to travel to new destinations, it’s the place to go. 
  • Grenada: is a little Caribbean island with amazing beaches, vast beautiful oceans, and a traditional lifestyle. It’s ideal for digital nomads who like a slower pace and wish to avoid active regions. 
  • Montserrat: an undiscovered jewel in the Caribbean with breathtaking natural beauty and a relaxed way of life. 

Digital Nomad Visa Barbados, The Caribbean

Digital Nomad Visa Countries in Central America

  • Belize: a small Central American country with breathtaking beaches, beautiful oceans, and a traditional way of life. Therefore, it is the ideal place to visit for teleworkers who enjoy a not-so-modern life and wish to stay away from heavily populated noisy towns. 
  • Costa Rica: a tropical paradise with beautiful beaches, green jungles, and a thriving local economy in Central America. It is the perfect spot for digital nomads who wish for a leisurely lifestyle. Costa Rica is a popular location for remote workers because of its booming digital industry and friendly population.
  • Mexico: a huge, diversified country in Central America with delicious dishes, fascinating historical monuments, and rich culture. It is the ideal destination for digital nomads who want to venture into new territory. So, due to its captivating culture and history, Mexico is a must-go for remote workers.
  • Panama: a small country in Central America with sandy beaches, a vast jungle, and a fascinating culture. It’s perfect for digital nomads who want to live slower and escape crowded areas.

Costa Rica for Digital Nomads

Digital Nomad Visa Countries in South America

  • Brazil: beautiful beaches, a plethora of jungles, and a vibrant culture can all be found in Brazil’s diversified and sizable South American nation. It is the perfect spot for digital nomads looking to venture into unexplored terrain. Because of Brazil’s vibrant startup scene, remote employees who want to be at the forefront of innovation find it appealing. 
  • Colombia: popular for its unique natural beauty, from the high mountains to the beautiful beaches. For digital nomads who prefer getting outside and visiting new places, it’s the perfect location. 
  • Ecuador: an ideal option for digital nomads who enjoy the outdoors and wish to travel to undiscovered terrain. 
  • Uruguay: known for its beautiful beaches, captivating old cities, and traditional lifestyle. So, for digital nomads who like a more laid-back lifestyle and wish to stay away from overpopulated areas, it’s the ideal location. 

Digital Nomad Visa Brazil, South America

Digital Nomad Visa Countries in Southeast Asia

  • Indonesia: has amazing beaches, many vast jungles, and rich culture. And, it is the ideal environment for digital nomads who want to venture into unexplored regions. Indonesia’s vibrant startup culture attracts remote employees who want to be at par with innovation.
  • Malaysia: full of beautiful beaches, rich jungles, and dynamic culture, a cosmopolitan nation in Southeast Asia. Because of this, it is the perfect destination for digital nomads who seek to work and recreate simultaneously. It is a popular choice among remote workers who wish to be at the cutting edge of innovation due to its robust IT sector.
  • Thailand: is well-known for its alluring beaches, historic temples, and rich cultures. For digital nomads who seek adventure, it’s the perfect place. 

Nomads in Bali

What is the income tax situation?

We’re all tax residents in a country around the world. So, if you decide to travel the world and work remotely, you’ll have to pay taxes in a specific place. It could be where you were born, where your family is, where you earn your income, or where you’ve spent most of your time in the past year.

To avoid conflicts, the countries that are part of the OECD make agreements with each other. And these agreements establish rules to prevent citizens from paying taxes in two countries simultaneously. They’re called “Agreements to avoid double taxation.”

If you are considering becoming a digital nomad, remember your insurance coverage

As a digital nomad, you need travel insurance to cover you if you fall sick or suffer a sudden accident in a foreign nation. This type of insurance will cover the costs of treatment, care, and transportation if you fall ill in a foreign country with no family or friends. At Heymondo, we offer  Long Stay coverage, valid for a minimum of 90 days and renewable. This insurance coverage will give you all the security you need. We also offer the Annual Multi-trip Policy for digital nomads who travel frequently. This policy covers all trips, regardless of the destination, for a year. Both policies also offer overseas medical and dental expense coverages so that you can maintain your health outside your country and live your digital nomad lifestyle with peace of mind.

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