Heymondo Travel Assistance App

Seguro de viaje - APP Mondo exclusiva

Heymondo App, exclusive for our customers

It’s our small but significant gift for travelers like you.

Every trip implies being away from home, where nothing belongs to you and every step you take is a risk that, in the end, makes you grow.

We are here to help you solve any incidents and address any concerns you may have. That way you can focus on enjoying your trip.

24/7 Online doctor chat

A doctors team is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Online free assistance call

Just one click away! You’ll get in touch with the 24-hour support team for any assistance you might need.

Claims management

The easiest way to handle any incident that may arise.

My account and policy documentation

All your policy documents in one place.

Heymondo App: Always close to you.

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Requires iOS 11, Android 8 or above