Heymondo Long Stay

Buy even if you are already abroad with flexible renewal on the go.

  • Medical expenses up to $3,500,000 USD
  • Luggage theft and damage up to $1,700 USD
  • Repatriation and early return up to $500,000 USD

Your Heymondo Long Stay includes

  • 24/7 assistance platform
  • Travel assistance app
All travel insurance plans that you see in our website cover medical assistance and expenses even in the event of infection by Coronavirus, including the Heymondo Long Stay travel insurance plan.

Buy even if you are already abroad with flexible renewal on the go.

You can buy this insurance for a minimum of 90 days, even if your trip has already begun, and renew it as necessary. We show you the renewal price in advance so you know for sure how much it will cost to extend it when the time comes.

  • Contrata por 90 días

    Buy for three months (90 days) for $312.98 USD

    • for $312.98 USD
    • 244€ sin franquicia
  • Renovar póliza

    Y antes de que se te acabe la cobertura renueva desde el Área de Cliente de la web o desde la App.

Renewal prices

Con Franquicia Sin Franquicia
½ month (15 days) $33.80 $40.00
1 month (30 days) $67.60 $80.00
2 months (60 days) $135.20 $121.00
3 months (90 days) $202.80 $142.00
4 months (120 days) $270.40 $163.00
5 months (150 days) $338.00 $184.00
6 months (180 days) $405.61 $204.00
7 months (210 days) $473.21 $225.00
8 months (240 days) $540.81 $246.00
¿Cómo funciona la franquicia?
Cuando eliges la opción con franquicia se aplica un descuento del 15%; a cambio se incluye una franquicia de 75€, por la cual, en caso de tener que utilizar las cobertura de gastos médicos o equipajes, tú pagarás los primeros 75€ del coste del siniestro.

What’s covered under the Heymondo Long Stay plan?

Your policy will protect you against different unforeseen events that may occur during your trip and will help you solve them quickly thanks to the following coverages:
Main coverages

Emergency medical & dental expenses overseas

Up to $3,500,000 USD

Medical transportation & repatriation home



Up to $1,700 USD

Travel Disruption

Up to $450 USD



Adventure sports


Also included

Other assistance coverages

Up to $1,250 USD

Personal Liability

Up to $100,000 USD

Accidental death or disability

Up to $10,000 USD

Heymondo App, exclusive for our customers

Always close to you

  • 24/7 Doctor chat
  • Online free assistance call
  • Claims reporting
  • Account and policy consultation

What is covered and what is not?

Heymondo’s are comprehensive travel insurance plans and so they offer a wide range of coverages, from medical expenses to personal liability, repatriation home, baggage, travel disruption… Furthermore, you will be able to customize them to your exact needs with add ons like electronic equipment or adventure sports.

What is not covered?

Our travel insurance plans provide these coverages for those traveling outside their home country. It does not cover routine checkups nor pre-existing conditions. For a complete list of exclusions and limitations please refer to the General Conditions.

Does it cover coronavirus-related issues?

Can I buy Heymondo insurance?

What countries does it cover?

What should I do in case I need assistance?

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