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Long Stay travel insurance

Medical expenses up to $2,500,000 USDLuggage theft and damage up to $1,200 USDRepatriation and early return up to $500,000 USDCovid-19 Coverage
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Your Long Stay travel insurance includes:

Get your Heymondo Long Stay insurance with flexible renewal on the go.

You can buy this insurance for a minimum of 90 days, even if your trip has already begun, and renew it as necessary. We show you the renewal price in advance so you know for sure how much it will cost to extend it when the time comes.


Buy for three months (90 days)

  • $140 USD Worldwide coverage except USA
  • $257 USD Worldwide coverage including USA

And before your coverage expires, renew it from your online account on the website.

Renewal prices
World except USAWorld
30 days$47 USD$76 USD
120 days$187 USD$328 USD
180 days$281 USD$503 USD
240 days$427 USD$731 USD

Your most comprehensive international travel policy

What’s covered under the Heymondo Long Stay plan?

The travel insurance shields you from unexpected events and swiftly aids in resolving them, thanks to the following coverages:

Main coverages of the travel insurance policy

Coverage is for medical expenses abroad for sudden illness or accidental injury, including hospitalization, prescription drugs, and inpatient physical therapy. It also includes your medical transportation and repatriation, plus the expenses of someone to accompany you or your children home when you are seriously ill or injured.

Emergency dental expenses abroad
Coverage is for emergency dental treatment abroad to relieve acute and sudden pain.
Extended lodging expenses due to illness or medical quarantine
Refund of accommodation costs due to medical quarantine, prescribed by a doctor after visiting the insured.
Outpatient physiotherapy treatment
Physiotherapy expenses arising from an illness, accident, or injury taking place abroad during the trip and covered under this policy.
Travel expenses for a family member
If you are hospitalized for longer than 7 days, a return ticket will be provided for a family member of your choosing to accompany you.
Lodging expenses for a family member
If you are hospitalized for longer than 7 days, lodging expenses for a family member of your choosing will be covered so that they may accompany you.

Additional coverages provided by the travel insurance


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Travel Insurance FAQ

We've got answers!

If you have more questions, talk to our team through the live chat or send us an email to hello@heymondo.com

Heymondo’s are comprehensive travel insurance plans offering a wide range of coverages, from medical expenses to personal liability, repatriation home, baggage, travel disruption, etc. Furthermore, you will be able to customize them to your exact needs with add-ons like electronic equipment or adventure sports.

What is not covered?

Our travel insurance plans provide these coverages for those traveling outside their home country. It does not cover routine checkups nor pre-existing conditions. For a complete list of exclusions and limitations please refer to the General Conditions.


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