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Useful Tips for Traveling while Pregnant

Travel Pregnant: Useful Tips for Traveling

September 29, 2022
At Heymondo, we have the privilege to work with travelers across the globe, including pregnant travelers. While many assume that pregnant traveling is not recommended, this is far from the truth. Instead, traveling while pregnant is a wise idea as it can help you relax as you prepare to welcome new life into your life....
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Iceland as an October destination

Where to travel in October: 10 destinations for holidaying this Fall

September 29, 2022
It’s been the season of basking in the warm sun by the pool, and autumn is creeping in. You’ve probably started experiencing some chill while relaxing outdoors. Whenever there’s such a transition between two seasons, people tend to want to explore faraway regions. Several tourist attractions are waiting for you whether you want to take...
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What do in Maldives

September 13, 2022
The Maldives are a destination for adventure, water sports, and romance. Its crystal clear waters, white beaches, spectacular bungalows, and the most iconic sunsets in the world. The Maldive Islands are pure paradise and the perfect place to experience a luxury holiday. The Maldives is a year-round location, so there is always a good time...
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7 Wonders of the World

September 5, 2022
The world is occupied with unique creations that are both natural and man-made. With many mind-blowing artificial structures, only seven have been selected, considered the best. These 7 Wonders of the World have stood firm against the test of time, continuously leaving many awestruck with their finesse. If you’re reading this article, you must have...
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Travel to Morocco in September

Where to travel in September

August 26, 2022
September is the New January because the hazy and lazy period is over, thus the best time for your travel adventures. Temperatures are mild, and Schools have reopened. Across south and north of Europe, Daylight is experienced for more than 12 hours a day in the first half month of September. More possibilities are presented...
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Top cenotes in Riviera Maya

Top 15 cenotes in Riviera Maya

August 22, 2022
Are you looking to get away from the hustle and bustle of city life or work? A visit to the famous cenotes of the Yucatan peninsula could be one of the best decisions. Mexico is known for some of the most popular tourist attractions, including the Mayan ruins and the cenotes. The Mayan Ruins include...
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Travel in August to Holbox

Where to travel in August?

July 19, 2022
Does your vacation involve beaches, poolside activities or warm weather? Here are some vacation ideas to look into as we approach the month of August. Lake bed and Transylvania offer relaxation poolside and sunshine, but if you are up for sandy beaches, Devon and Isla Holbox are among the places you can find refuge. Do...
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10 best destinations to travel with friends

10 destinations to travel with friends

July 13, 2022
Are you currently taking time off work, or are you enjoying your vacation days? Planning on what to do during your vacation or time off happens to be one of the most frustrating things since it’s never easy to decide on one thing or place. Again, who said that it has to be one thing...
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Digital nomad travelling to different cities

Best cities for Digital Nomads

July 12, 2022
Digital nomads are remote workers that travel to different locations and can work anywhere, from libraries, research institutions, or co-working spaces. Additionally, digital nomads usually rely on electronic (especially portable) devices with wireless internet capabilities to get their work done. For this reason, most digital nomads usually work in the technology sector, like web developers,...
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Croatia in July

Where to travel in July?

June 10, 2022
Did you know that July is one of the best months to travel the world? The seventh month of the year has been known to support international travel for the longest time now. This is so because the climate in many parts of the world is favourable. The weather is mostly sunny and warmest. Therefore,...
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Traveler alone Costa Rica

Traveling alone to Costa Rica: tips to plan your next adventure

June 2, 2022
Costa Rica is one of the most beautiful destinations in the world. The climate, gorgeous landscapes, and fantastic attractions in this country are to die for. This country is also extremely safe, unlike others in Central America. This is a relatively small country, but it is abundant in natural beauty. It boasts 28 national parks,...
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winners of 4 plane tickets

Hey traveller! Explore the world without limits this summer

May 31, 2022
Hey traveller! The most awaited moment of the year is finally approaching: your summer holidays. Have you already booked your next trip? Break away from the routine and enjoy this time to the fullest, as you always do! Summer 2022 is your opportunity to discover new places, connect with other cultures, laugh out loud with...
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girl on a plan feeling fear of flying

Fear of flying: techniques to feel less anxious during a flight

May 24, 2022
Fear of a crash, a fear of being out of control, a fear of the unknown, a fear of heights, especially after losing a loved one in an aircraft crash, and claustrophobic feelings are some of the key reasons some individuals are frightened to fly on airplanes. In addition, for some passengers, the entire flight...
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Montenegro holiday destination

The best holiday destinations for 2022: 10 summer destinations you can’t miss out

May 24, 2022
This is the most awaited time of the year; summer is coming. Therefore, this is the perfect moment to start planning your holidays. This 2022 you have the chance to reconnect with the magic of traveling and to explore the world without limits. If you haven’t booked yet and are thinking about where to travel...
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Girl in the Mekong river, Vietnam

Is it safe to travel to Vietnam?

May 11, 2022
Is it safe to travel to Vietnam? Yes, the landlocked country of Vietnam is surrounded by mountains, making it one of the most popular destinations to visit. It also has tropical coastal areas, making it a great destination for all types of travelers. Temperate weather, diverse landscapes, and friendly people have made the country a...
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French Polinesia beach

Best Beaches in the World

May 9, 2022
There are thousands of stunning beaches around the globe and selecting the best beaches can be subjective. Travellers have diverse preferences and select beaches based on their accessibility, amenities, swimming and water sports activities, relaxation, scenery, sense of place and safety. The selection is based on different criteria such as deserted shorelines, calm waters, surf...
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Puebla 5 de Mayo

Best places to celebrate Cinco de Mayo

May 5, 2022
The 10 best places to celebrate Cinco de Mayo Cinco de Mayo celebration originates in Mexican. However, the holiday has been embraced more in the US as compared to its home country for many years. 5th May is a big day to celebrate the greatness, mostly with tacos, margaritas, and mariachi music. The day basically...
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Girl jumping with red heart Eiffel Tower

The ultimate guide to travel to Paris

April 28, 2022
Described as one of the most romantic tourist destinations, Paris, exudes culture, sophistication, style, and class. Like others before you, you are bound to fall in love with the city the first time you visit. Paris is truly one of the most iconic cities worldwide, with thousands of years of history and endless activities to...
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Pura Ulun Dano in Bali

Where to travel in May

March 30, 2022
As countries are steadily opening up for tourism, travel enthusiasts are all excited to explore the outdoors and visit new places. This May is an excellent month to travel as there aren’t too many tourists on vacation at this time of the year. This, of course, means you will enjoy hassle-free sightseeing, travelling and plenty...
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Requirements to travel to Vietnam

Requirements to travel to Vietnam

March 30, 2022
Requirements to travel to Vietnam Vietnam is famous for its diverse culture, good food and scenic natural landscapes. It also has a rich history that dates back several centuries ago. Besides, this expansive country has many things that tourists can do across various areas. Yet, before you pack your bags for the trip, learn all...
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