Europe with kids

A family trip allows your kids to experience magical landscapes and understand diverse cultures. Over the years, Europe has become a leading destination for families due to its kid and family-friendly nature. Besides, it has immense history, breathtaking sceneries, and natural beauty.

At Heymondo we have prepared a list of the top European destinations you should prioritise. When planning your itinerary, remember to purchase comprehensive travel insurance. It will protect you and your family against medical emergencies, luggage theft, and injury or trip cancellations.

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Which country in Europe is best for a kids’ holiday?

Europe has beautiful and fun destinations, perfect for families. Where you decide to tour solely depends on your family’s top priorities and interests. Go to Camera Obscura and World of Illusions in Edinburgh, UK, for a fun and adrenaline-inducing experience.

Whether you tour a big city like London England or a small town like Billund in Denmark, here are the top seven European destinations.


Denmark is a popular European country to visit with kids due to its numerous family-centric destinations. Copenhagen, Denmark’s capital, exudes effortless beauty. You can see the colorful entertainment center at Nyhavn, fairy castles holding over 6,000 years of history, and numerous child-friendly and free-entry museums. Your kids will also enjoy visiting the Tivoli Gardens, the second-oldest working amusement park in the world, or Star Flyer, the tallest carousel globally.

Travel to Billund and experience the original LEGOLAND. It caters to children of all ages with fun rides, engaging live shows, and exciting events.



The Netherlands has diverse attractions like theme parks, beautiful cities, outstanding museums, amazing cycle paths, and historic windmills. Amsterdam, the Netherlands’ capital city, is one of the perfect European family vacation destinations with kids. Getting around the city is so much fun. You can hop on a bike, sail the canals, or take the famous tram.

Amsterdam has endless history, culture, and art spots. Young kids will enjoy exploring a real pirate ship at the Maritime Museum. There is also the NEMO Science Museum, which offers spectacular views of the city from its rooftop. Older kids can explore the Van Gogh Museum and the Anne Frank Museum to learn about Netherlands history.

Besides taking on a self-guided food tour around Amsterdam, your family can travel out of the city to Kinderdijk. It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site with the most antique collection of Dutch windmills in the Netherlands.

Netherlands with your family


Sweden has several family-friendly destinations to tour within Stockholm and other surrounding towns. For a start, if your kids enjoy winter activities, Sweden is a winter wonderland with snow-filled landscapes that offer kid-oriented skiing experiences. Åre, Idre, Sälen, and Riksgränsen are famous for their well-maintained slopes, ski coaching, and after-ski activities for the entire family.

Liseberg in Gothenburg and Grönalund in Stockholm are the perfect destinations for your kids to enjoy amusement parks filled with thrilling rollercoasters, real-time entertainment, carousels, and cotton candy. The Universum Museum Science Center in Gothenburg is the perfect balance of an enjoyable and educational destination catering to kids of all ages.

Sweden in Winter


Every child dreams about the Eiffel Tower, and adding Paris to your itinerary will make their dreams a reality. You can climb the stairs or take a lift to the top for amazing views of the city. Other fun activities in Paris include boat rides on the Seine and boarding a hop-on hop-off bus. Your kids will love random stops to enjoy delicacies like crêpes, croissants, and chocolate chaud. Disneyland Paris is also a thrilling destination. You can access it via public transport from the city center.

If you have an interest in France’s history, explore the Musée de l’Illusion and the Cité des Sciences et de l’Industrie museums. During summer, don’t miss a chance to travel southwest and experience Les Landes, a region with France’s most breathtaking sandy beaches.

Travel to france with kids


Italy is an incredible European country with kind, warm-hearted people, yummy cuisines, beautiful towns and cities, and exquisite natural landscapes. Venice is Italy’s top destination, with so much to offer visitors. Some of the most memorable experiences in this city involve touring around on a boat, which is the major form of transport. Your kids will enjoy the views as you go through the lagoon and canals in a rented water taxi, a communal ferry, or a Venetian gondola.

On the dry land, make a point to walk through the historical labyrinthine canalside alleys, with random stopovers for pizza, pasta, and gelato. Venice has artistic and historical church buildings, but if your kids are too young to appreciate the views, visit Doge’s Palace for some thrilling experiences at the spooky dungeons.

Italy with children


Germany’s capital, Berlin, is a top destination with family-friendly museums, tourist attractions, and amazing restaurants. The city has so much to offer you may need weeks to experience everything.

If your kids enjoy historical sites, consider visiting the Berlin Wall, the Reichstag Building, the East Side Gallery, and the Checkpoint Charlie. These spots are free, but for some, like the Reichstag Building, you should book before your visit to enjoy the free entry and an audio-guided tour.

Moving around the city is easy as the public transport system is excellent. Once you hop on a train or bus, make stops at LEGOLAND, the Berlin Zoo, and Sea Life for your kids to experience the fun side of Berlin.

Stuttgart is another family-friendly city in Germany and home to the renowned Killesburg Park. The kids can go on a train ride around the park or a walk along the lovely flowers. Later, they can catch a breath in the stunning garden and play on the huge playground. If your kids are old enough and car enthusiasts, plan a visit to the Mercedes Benz and Porsche museums.



Cities in Spain are colorful and cheerful, just like the Spanish people. The beaches are breathtaking, the weather is excellent, and the food is delicious.

Madrid, the country’s capital, is the most stunning city you will ever visit. The city is populous, so the streets are always bustling with activity. Consider taking your kids on a stroll along the Calle Cava Baja, one of Spain’s most picturesque cobblestone streets.

While in Madrid, visit the Prado Museum, the Parque de Atracciones, Madrid’s leading amusement park, the Royal Palace, Madrid Rio, and Retiro for a fun boat ride and a beautiful playground. The Railway Museum is also a must-see as it has interactive exhibits and features engaging and child-friendly activities.

Madrid with Kids

At what age should I take my kids to Europe?

Some parents love traveling with kids between 6 and 12 years so that they can enjoy the tour to Europe. There is no standard age; you can plan the trip even if your kids are toddlers. But, older kids will experience and enjoy the destination’s culture, history, and scenery more.

It is crucial to understand that every child is different. So, consider their attitude and interests. Besides, their ability to handle the travel matters, especially if you need to fly for long or have a walking distance to cover some tourist sites. Take breaks when necessary and remind them of how well they are doing.

What is the best way to travel Europe with family?

The best method for family travel in Europe is taking the train. It is fast, efficient and cost-friendly. Trains are the best for day trips as you can relax on board and watch the scenery. Spruce the trip up by being flexible and planning a hop on a hop-on-off bus trip. You can get on and off as many times as you need as you explore places at your family’s pace. If need be, rent a car to drive your family around during your trip.

How can I travel to Europe with little kids?

Traveling with kids to Europe or anywhere else in the world requires adequate and careful planning. Research the best tourist places in Europe and consider family-friendly destinations to ensure your kids are comfortable and enjoy throughout. The places you visit shouldn’t put your kids’ health and safety at risk.

Choose a hotel with comfortable and family-oriented accommodation that suits your budget. As you pack include everything you may need such as swimwear or hiking gear. Involve your kids in the planning and explain what to expect during the flight and trip. Allow them to suggest activities they are most interested in and throw in some relaxed itineraries.

Don’t forget your travel insurance

Travel insurance is crucial on all your family trips. It gives you the protection you need against risks such as illnesses, theft, cancellations, and injury. You get peace of mind and can focus on enjoying the trip and creating memorable moments with your kids.

Heymondo travel insurance offers the protection you need to ensure peace of mind during your travels. In the event that you require medical assistance, we provide a convenient emergency call feature through our Heymondo assistance app, which is available 24/7, worldwide. This allows you to seek immediate medical attention or consultation from a medical team, ensuring you receive the necessary support during your trip. Our travel insurance coverage not only prioritizes your health, with up to $ 10,000.000 USD in medical coverage. It also extends to safeguarding your luggage against loss or theft.

With Heymondo, you can travel confidently, knowing you have reliable coverage in unforeseen circumstances. Choose Heymondo travel insurance for comprehensive coverage and peace of mind. Don’t leave your adventure to chance!

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