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We are proud to announce that today we have launched Heymondo blog, dedicated to all international travellers.

In our blog you will find many useful news for your trips all over the world, as well as information on destinations, what to see and what to do.

You will also find many tips suitable for every kind of traveller: hiker, family, group of friends, solo traveller, etc…

Besides that, we’ll share with you practical information about visa requirements and assistance in case of pandemic such as coronavirus and other external phenomena that we can’t control when we book a trip.

Because of these unpredictable phenomena, increasingly widespread, travelling safely has to be every traveller’s main goal.

Heymondo has the solution: a travel insurance that fits your needs, with 24h medical assistance wherever you are, every day of the year. 

Through our Heymondo APP, exclusive for our customers, you will be able to make free emergency calls using your Internet connection, no matter in which part of the world you are.

You will also have 24h medical assistance service and you will handle any travel setbacks directly from the APP. 

Have you ever lost your baggage or has your flight been delayed? These things are quite common while travelling and make the difference during our trips.

Heymondo blog is born for this reason: to assist you and allow you to have the best trips abroad without bad surprises. We make things easy for you. 

Leave without worries and enjoy your trip!

Welcome to our blog!

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