how much does travel insurance cost

How much does travel insurance cost?

When organizing a trip, there are a number of points to bear in mind, such as booking accommodation, activities, getting boarding passes…and yet many times we forget the importance of traveling with travel insurance that covers us in case of emergency.

Health and peace of mind as a traveler are essential, and even though travel insurance might seem like an “extra cost”, the reality is that the cost of the policy is a very low percentage if you compare it with the total budget of the trip. 

Finding out how much travel insurance costs may seem like a complicated task but it doesn’t have to be that way, since at Heymondo we make it very easy for you.

Heymondo travel insurance

What does travel insurance cover?

When we travel, incidents or unforeseen events can occur anytime and they can be difficult to resolve without the protection of a good travel insurance.

Travel insurance offers you essential medical coverage so that you can be treated abroad 24 hours a day, without paying any money in advance. 

In addition, it also includes coverage for theft and damage of luggage, delays or last-minute cancellation of  transportation, repatriation and early return, displacement of a family member or companion in case of hospitalization or death and civil liability.

Depending on the needs of each traveler and the type of trip, you can find different travel insurance options, from policies with very complete coverage that allow you to customize it to your preferences, to cheap travel insurance to cover the most basic needs.


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How much does international travel insurance cost?travel insurance cost

There are many variables that affect the price of travel insurance.
For example, it is not the same to take a three-day getaway as it is to go on vacation for two weeks, or to go backpacking for six months.
As you can see, the type of traveler, the destination, the duration of the trip, the possible risks, etc., are very different.
Below we will show you each of the factors that influence the price of travel insurance.

Factors influencing the price

To know how much travel insurance costs we must take into account a series of elements or factors that directly influence the final price. We will explain each one of them below:

  • Journey time

As with the number of days of accommodation or of car rental, the more days of coverage there are in the policy, the higher the price will be. However, depending on the duration of your trip, you’ll be better off  to choose one type of travel insurance or another.

For a short trip (for either  leisure or business) it is convenient to select the Travel Insurance option, from which you can choose between several alternatives depending on whether you need more or less coverage: Heymondo Top, Heymondo Premium and Heymondo Medical.


If you are a frequent traveler and you take more than 3 trips a year, the best option is the Annual Multitrip Insurance since it offers you coverage for all the trips you take in a 12 month period at a very competitive price. 

By insuring yourself for a very long period of time, you lower the price per insured day, making this option better value for money.

For long-term trips (+90 days) we recommend Heymondo Long Stay, which is initially purchased for 90 days with the possibility of renewing it at your discretion for as long as you need and from anywhere in the world.

For this reason, in order to calculate how much travel insurance costs and buy a cheap travel insurance, you must first take into account what type of trip (or trips) you are going to take and their duration. The time factor can save you several euros.


  • Number of people insured

Depending on the number of travelers who are insured in the same policy, the price will be higher or lower. For example, it is not the same to buy a travel insurance for a couple (two travelers) than for a group of four people, since each one corresponds to a percentage of the premium.


  • Travel destination

Another important consideration to take into account when calculating how much travel insurance costs is the destination or geographical area where you are going to travel.

To make it easier, we will give you some examples. Below, we will show you a table with different rates:

Destination Travel insurance 7 days Travel insurance 15 days

Europe $55,59 $76,63

Worldwide $55,59 $76,63


  • Coverages

As we have already seen, travel insurance protects you against different unforeseen events that may arise (illness, accident, loss or delay in the delivery of luggage, transportation delays and cancellations…) and helps you to solve them as easily as possible thanks to its ample coverage.

When looking for the travel insurance that best suits your preferences and needs, you should assess the coverages and limits that best suit you, because the more inclusive the travel insurance is (more coverage and higher limits) the higher the price will be.

Therefore, depending on the type of trip you are going to take, you will be interested in choosing a specific product or coverage. 

For example, in destinations where healthcare is extremely expensive (the United States, Japan, Canada …) it is highly recommended to select good medical coverage that includes high medical expenses, such as the one offered by Premium travel insurance.

But if your priority is the budget and you want to get cheap travel insurance then you should know that in Heymondo we offer a basic travel insurance called Heymondo Medical, designed especially for those travelers who only seek medical coverage abroad at a very affordable price.


  • Extensions (optional)

At Heymondo we give you the chance to customize the insurance to suit you with optional coverage that you can add to the policy.

With those, in addition to having all the essential coverage that travel insurance already offers you, you can complement it with other specific ones, such as adventure sports or electronic equipment.


Carefree travel with Travel Insurance

travel with travel insurance

Right now, one of the biggest fears for any traveler is getting sick while being away from home. 

Heymondo travel insurance has just what you need to travel without worrying excessively about COVID-19, since all the policies cover medical assistance in case of coronavirus infection, medical transfer, repatriation in case of testing positive, the medically prescribed PCR tests  and extension of hotel stay due to medical quarantine.

In addition, with Heymondo Assistance App, you will have a 24-hour medical chat and free emergency calls in case you need medical assistance, which allows you to manage any incident quickly and easily.

Now that you know how much travel insurance costs and the factors that affect its price, it will be easier for you to choose the travel insurance that best suits your needs as a traveler.


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