Auroras is a term used to refer to the Northern lights and Southern lights.

The polar lights are a natural display of light in the earth’s sky.

They are predominantly seen in regions of high-latitude, like the areas around the Arctic and Antarctic. These lights are an effect of energetic particles that can spread out from the sun. They spread in a steady stream known as the solar wind. This effect occurs as a result of Coram mass ejections.

There are two types of polar lights known to man.

They are the Northern and Southern lights. People from all over the world crave to see aurora borealis because it is a once in a life time experience. This once in a lifetime experience could be a classic trip for the winter.

What are Northern Lights?

These lights are one of the most significant astronomical phenomena in the world. They are a part of the polar lights, also known as aurora Polaris. They can be defined as shafts or curtains colored lights visible in the night sky during specific periods.

These lights are one of the most amazing wonders of nature that most people only get to see at least once in a lifetime. This is the case because the best chance you have of seeing the lights is at higher latitudes and places that are nearer to the poles.

northern lights

What is the best time to see the Northern lights?

While there is no definite research suggesting a particular time of the year when you can see the Northern lights, studies show that the period between December to March is a great time. This is the best period to witness the Northern lights because, during this period, the lights are visible to the human eye.

The reason why the lights are visible during these months is that they feature long nights. These months are also characterized by snow. This means that there are fewer clouds in the sky that could obscure the visibility of the lights.

During the summer months, it is harder to see the lights because they are invisible. Therefore, there isn’t a specific time of the year when the lights appear and disappear, and the difference is that sometimes they are visible and other times they are not.

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Five best places to see the Northern lights

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The best places to see these lights are usually regions that are closer to the arctic circle. The following are some places where you are most likely to witness the northern lights;


Iceland’s longitude and latitude make it one of the best places to travel to see these lights. The coastline road in Iceland is particularly a good location. The Kirkjufell mountain on the Western coast of Iceland and the Grotta Lighthouse are also superb places to see these lights. Note that other than the Northern lights, Iceland has so much to offer. There is so much to experience in this country, from its beautiful glaciers and geysers to its massive waterfalls and volcanoes.

iceland northern lights


You can also witness this wonder of the earth from Alaska. Fairbanks region is mainly the area where you are most likely to view the lights. This area is located two degrees below the arctic. It is easy to reach because it is located close to the international airport. In addition to the lights, Fairbanks, Alaska, also offers numerous tourist attractions that you can enjoy.


Canada is also an ideal location to view Aurora Polaris. This is mainly because of its northern latitude and low light pollution. Yellowknife, Canada, is mainly an incredible location to witness these lights. It also features a myriad of other special activities for tourists. Other locations in the country where you can view Aurora Polaris are Wood Buffalo and the Jasper National Park.


Northern Greenland is one of the most visited places by tourists wishing to witness these polar lights. In addition to these lights, Greenland also features incredible attractions like the Qaleraliq glacier, which tourists adore.


Additionally, Northway is a great place to witness this wonder of the world. Tromso, one of the largest urban areas in the Northern region of Norway, is mainly a superb viewing location for Aurora. This is thanks to the fact that it is close to the arctic circle and its moderate temperatures because of the gulf stream coastline. Ersfjordborn village is also a great location. Other significant viewing areas in Norway are Lofoten Island, Kirkenes, Alta, and the village of Nordkapp.

Northern lights

What is the best time to see the Southern lights?

These are a three-line of the lights found in the Antarctic circle. They are all part of the auroras Polaris like the Northern ones. The difference between these two is that the northern are found in the arctic circle while the latter is found in the Antarctic circle. Another difference lies in the areas where you can see these lights. These lights are visible in the southern hemisphere.

The best time to see the Southern light is between June and August. The Aurora can indeed be active throughout the year. However, between June and August, they are more visible. This period features clear and dark skies that allow the human eyes to witness the Aurora Polaris effortlessly. This means that a winter trip would be the best choice if you want to witness these lights.

Five best places to see Southern lights

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As mentioned earlier, these lights are visible in the Antarctic circle. Below are some of the best places close to the Antarctic circle, from which you will see this wonder of nature.

New Zealand

A visit to New Zealand will also be an incredible ideal if you wish to witness Aurora.

The Southern Island of New Zealand features some of the country’s darkest skies, making it the ideal location to see Aurora.

There are several viewing points spread out throughout this region. For instance, an incredible location would be the Aoraki Mackenzie International Dark Sky Reserve. This area is one of the most conducive environments for dark-sky viewing. You can also visit the Aoraki Mount Cook National Park.


Ushuaia, Argentina, is also an incredible location from where to view Aurora. This city is located on the  Coastal tip of Argentina, and it is the premier southern lights destination in the whole of South America. The main reason is that it gets 17 hours of darkness every day during the winter season. The city is also known for its cloudy and unpredictable weather.


The island of Tasmania is the only place in the world where you can see Aurora throughout the year. This is because of its suitable latitude and moderate daylight. That said, there are specific places in Tasmania where the lights are visible. For instance, Cockle Creek is an ideal viewing location. This location features a campground and national park from where most tourists witness Aurora. These areas feature the darkest of skies and other incredible attractions.

Falkland Islands

The Falkland Islands are one of the best places in the world to witness these lights.

The islands are isolated and sparsely populated yet some of the best tourist locations in the world.

The fact that they lack significant development means that you will quickly locate the dark skies perfect for viewing Aurora. You have better chances of seeing the lights if you visit these islands between April and August.

While most people do not travel this far to see auroras, it would be an incredible adventure to plan a winter trip to this destination.

South Georgia

The Island of South Georgia is one of the most remote dark-sky viewing areas around the globe. The destination boasts of the darkest skies, which allows you to view the southern lights.

The best time to visit this place if you are looking to view Aurora is in March. Note that this is a very remote place with less than 100 dwellers, and it is only accessible by boat.

when to see northern lights

Not so many people get to witness Aurora in their entire life. Therefore, if you are in a position to visit some of the locations mentioned above and witness this wondrous phenomenon, it would be an incredible experience.

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Have a safe trip and enjoy Northern lights!

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