Travel opens your heart and broadens your mind

There's nothing like travel experiences
Visiting other places allows us to meet other people and their different cultures, enjoy new flavors, listen to unknown music. Traveling, in short, helps us change our perspective of the world, to broaden the way we see it and to appreciate how wonderful it is to live in it.

Traveling is one of our passions, but we must bear in mind that each of our journeys leaves an important mark on the planet.
Our small (and not-so-small) everyday decisions are the power of change.
We are a company without borders
We want our commitment to a solidarity world to have no borders. That is why we have reached a collaboration agreement with "Doctors Without Borders" to participate and actively help them in areas and with groups suffering humanitarian and medical emergencies all over the world.

The responsible traveler’s handbook

In our small (and not so small) everyday decisions is the power of change.
Mondo supportive
If you can, choose tour operators, airlines, and hotels that are committed to the local communities and the environment.
Adapt to local customs and habits, without imposing your habits and lifestyles.
Don't take anything from nature, don't take souvenirs of the natural and archaeological spaces. Do not buy products made from endangered plants or animals.
Consume locally, buy your travel souvenirs at local shops and craft shops, try to find typical places where locals go and try the most authentic local cuisine. This will help boost local cultural traditions and businesses.
Don't waste energy, turn off the air conditioning and lights in your room every day, and minimize waste generation.
Use public transport and bicycles whenever possible: in addition to being a cheap and environmentally friendly way of mobility, you will also be able to see what the day-to-day life of the locals is like.
And spread the word! When you come back home reflect on what you have learned from your trip and on your achievements as a responsible tourist. Tell your friends and family and share with them the practices and benefits of responsible tourism when you travel together.