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About us

In a constantly moving world, we're here to ensure that when you travel, you can fully immerse yourself and enjoy every moment.


More than a million travelers have traveled insured with us, visitors who have explored over 150 countries worldwide, from popular tourist cities to remote regions of the planet. We have assisted them on every occasion, from minor incidents involving their transportation or luggage to more critical ones related to health and medical assistance, rescues, or repatriations. With Heymondo, you are in expert hands.



To fulfill our mission of making travelers' lives easier, we rely on our expertise as well as the latest technologies. These technologies enable us to offer you the best products, coverage, and services at the best value. We strive for a pleasant and transparent shopping experience. Moreover, technology allows us to provide assistance no matter where you are, as if we were traveling with you. Some of the distinctive services we offer include the 24-hour Medical Chat feature in our app and the option to call our assistance platform for free. These functionalities and services are designed to enhance your travel experience to the fullest.



And all of this is possible thanks to a team with exceptional dedication to service and a tremendous ambition to enhance travelers' lives. This drives us to continually improve, offering better products and services, an increasingly intuitive and pleasant shopping experience, and an app with features designed to make your life easier to the fullest when you're traveling.