Chinese New Year 2021

Chinese New Year 2021: everything you need to know

Anyone who has been to China will tell you that the Chinese people are well rooted in tradition. As the rest of the world celebrated their New Year on 1st January, people of China will celebrate theirs on Friday, 12th February 2021.

The New Year celebrations last for about 15 days, and during this period, many festivals take place. It is a great time to be there during this period because you will get to celebrate their rich and diverse culture.

As is their tradition, each New Year symbolizes an animal. For instance, in 2019, it was the year of the pig. In China, a pig represents good fortune and all manner of luck. The pig is a fancied animal in China and is only eaten on special occasions that are deserving.

In 2021, it is the year of the Ox. The ox is well known for its strength and power. They believe one needs these two aspects to pull through any challenging situation. Lastly, 2022 will be the year of the tiger. The tiger is a bold and courageous animal, thus the symbolism.

As seen, the Chinese people believe in their tradition, and as a result, not many stray away.


Chinese New Year’s Eve


New Year’s Eve in China is loved in equal measure as the New Year itself. It sets the pace for the celebrations that will occur the following day and subsequent weeks. Here is some additional information about this special occasion:


The Chinese New Year


when is chinese new year


The Chinese have a lunar calendar that is unique in every way. It has different dates as compared to what the rest of the world uses. But then, that is what makes China unique. Further, the first day of the New Year commences when the first full moon is observed.

That normally occurs from around 21st January to 20th February. During this period, New Year’s Eve is determined, and celebrations are set.


How long is the Chinese New Year celebrated, and when is it celebrated?


As stated earlier, the New Year celebration begins when the full moon of the year is observed. After it is observed, a festival known as the little year commences and goes on for some time. If you are wondering how long is the Chinese New Year, the festivals last for about fifteen days and are well celebrated by all citizens.

Their Lunar calendar has also inspired neighbouring nations to celebrate the New Year like them. Nations like Korea and Vietnam also have similar calendars.


When is the Chinese New Year?


If you wonder when is the Chinese New Year? Well, the New Year will be celebrated on 12th February, and you can guess celebrations are already underway. However, the family is also an important aspect of Chinese culture. The celebrations mostly revolve around family, and it is not an unusual scene to see a family dinner equivalent to a feast.


What People do For Chinese New Year


Chinese people sure do love their celebrations. During the Chinese New year 2021, three festivals are held, and each one has significant importance. The festivals include:

  1. Little New Year
  2. Spring Festival
  3. Lantern festival


Little New Year


The little New Year comes a week before the Chinese New Year 2021 and has a significance attached. The Festiva is also called the Festival of the Kitchen God. The Chinese believe the kitchen god oversees morality in each household.

During the Festival, a picture of the kitchen god is printed and burned. They believe when the smoke goes up, it symbolizes the god has gone to heaven to report the family’s conduct in the previous year. Subsequently, the god is called back into the household by printing another picture and sticking it against the kitchen wall.

It is believed that from that point onwards, the god shall issue protection and provision for the house.


Spring festival


The spring festival marks the beginning of the New Year. It is the biggest celebration and is marked by a seven-day holiday that sees all locals participate. The locals also have practices during this period.

The nation is dotted in red lanterns, parades at every corner, and fireworks that light up the sky. They also hold feasts and celebrations to celebrate the dawn of a new year.


Lantern festival


The Festival is marked by several practices that have been present for a long time. The first practice is setting and lighting red lanterns. The lanterns provide light, and the Chinese relate it to hope for greener pastures in the New Year.

They also have lantern riddles that they tell. It is a practice that is passed on to generations. The riddles help educate the younger generation of their history and previous achievements.

Thirdly, there are lion dances at the Festival. It is a fun and loving practice that symbolizes gallantry and strength. The dance is also believed to chase away evil spirits and misfortune among the people.


Lantern Festival Chinese new year


What people eat during Chinese New Year


The Chinese are known the world over for their wide variety of foods and delicacies. They have several foods that are eaten mostly on special occasions like the Chinese New Year 2021. Here is a shortlist of these foods:


• Fish


Fish is a typical dish in China. China is a leading importer of fish in the world because of the large market demand. Fish is served in different ways as people prefer. It can be served raw or cooked. Besides, it is mostly eaten on special occasions.


• Rice cake


The locals love this delicacy so much that they named it `the new year cake.’ It is served in different forms, according to the region in China. Some people prefer it sweet while others like it soar.

Locals in Northern China like it sweet, and they believe the new year cake will bring forth good fortune. It is dense and Is best served with a beverage.


• Dumplings


Dumplings are best served nice and warm. They are mostly eaten at home as compared to restaurants or eateries. The dumplings look like ingot, silver, and gold pieces used in trade during ancient times. The dumplings are believed to bring fortune and wealth.


• Jujube


It is an ingredient in almost all delicacies served in festivals. It brings the colour red to the food, and that is why it is loved. Red symbolizes happiness and affluence to the Chinese.


food chinese new year


What is the 2021 zodiac sign?


Chinese New Year 2021 is the year of the Ox. The year of the ox will last from 12th February to 30th January 2022. It is a zodiac sign that comes after every twelve years. Additionally, this one occupies the second spot among all the twelve zodiac signs and has a special significance.

If you were born during the year of the ox, it means you have the following qualities:





Lastly, persons with the ox zodiac are said to have great patience and always aspire to achieve greatness. They are also not swayed away by others and tend to make their own decisions independently.


Top 3 countries that celebrate Chinese New Year


Many countries have taken up the Lunar calendar, and they also celebrate the Chinese new year. 

These countries also follow the dictates of the calendar and hold each one of the practices. Additionally, they follow the order of the festivities and have declared them public holidays for the locals.

Some of the main ones are:




Brunei is one of the countries that observes the Chinese New Year. As much as the country has Islamic roots and traditions, they follow the Chinese New Year. Interestingly enough, the country also observes the Islamic New Year. That is because the population here is mixed.

Visitors from all across the world flock to Brunei to celebrate the New Year. It is filled with celebrations in households and hotels.


North Korea


For instance, in North Korea, many people visit friends and family during this time. They share the season with kin and perform the various rituals to usher in the New Year. Gifts are also exchanged during this period. Such is the scenario across all the other mentioned countries.




Tet is the Lunar New Year for Vietnam and falls on the same day as the Chinese New Year. For the locals it is like Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s Eve summed up.  It is the time to visit families and celebrate together.

Tipical traditions are worships,  giving lucky money to children and elderly people and opening a shop.


festival Chinese new year


Wrapping up


China is a nice tourist destination, and many people make their way to the country all year round. However, as you know, the coronavirus disease has taken the world by storm, and many countries are issuing travel advisories against China.

However, if you still want to travel to China, make sure you are armed with Travel insurance to safeguard you if you contract the disease. Travel insurance will cover you, and you can make the trip with an easy mind and get to enjoy all the wonders China has to offer.



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Many wonderful things make you want to travel to China. For instance, to see the Great Wall of China or to experience the Chinese new-year 2021 festivities. However, make sure you observe all set safety protocols to curb the spread of the Covid-19 disease.

Remember to travel safely as you go to see the Chinese New Year 2021.


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