Best Pride Parades around the world 2023

Best Pride Parades around the World 2023

Happy pride month from whichever part of the world you are!  Each June is a special month as we celebrate and honor the anniversary of the Stonewall Uprising. It is a historic ceremony introducing the modern movement of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, questioning, intersex, and asexual rights, popularly known as LGBTQIA+ worldwide. Every year, hundreds of movement parades are held in different parts of the world to celebrate this special occasion.

Despite the different dates depending on your location, you cannot miss supporting and celebrating the LGBTQ+ community at one of these colorful events. Whether you are part of the community or not, the festivals are magical. To get a glimpse of such events, you will need to mark the date and wait for the event.

As you plan to head out on LGBTQIA+ celebrations around the world, safeguard your trip with Heymondo travel insurance. Before you pick your rainbow flag or bracelet, in this post, we will show you the ten best Parades that you may consider attending this 2023.

1. Copenhagen Pride Parade

The Copenhagen rally will take place on August 19th 2023, a weeklong event celebrating societal diversity and equality.

The Copenhagen event is a parade you don’t want to miss out on; here, individuals embrace the difference in humanity. The event can be categorized as a gay movement, but others who are non-members can also participate in the ceremony. At this event, people who attend wear different magnificent costumes. Everyone is free and happy to express who they are, their openness, and their sexuality.

Copenhagen Pride

2. Madrid Pride Parade

The anniversary of the LGBTQ in Madrid takes place on July 1st 2023.

If you want the best experience from the most prominent gay movement in Europe, visit Madrid Parade. According to recent statistics, Madrid is the 3rd largest gay pride event globally. Despite being the largest, it is a place openly welcoming to the LGBTQIA+ community. The city offers a variety of beautiful parks, incredible cuisine, outdoor pools, and an excellent environment. Madrid has a population of around 7 million; in 2017, it hosted the movement, with over 3.5 million individuals attending the event.

There are several special events a week before the event that you should consider visiting, with a full schedule of international circuit parties, including Circuit Barcelona pre-parties. You need to know that this march doesn’t just sprawl in the gay district of Madrid. It happens in the entire city with several stages and concert venues. The main stages include Mr. Gay Spain’s Competitions, ceremonies, parties, and musical performances. Additionally, there will be the high heels race during the week. Remember to always buy your travel insurance before going abroad, it is important to feel secure and have peace of mind. 

Madrid Pride Parade

3. New York City Pride Parade

The New York City movement will happen this year on June 26th.

This rally is significant to the LGBTQIA+ community. Not only is New York one of the most beautiful cities to visit, but it is also the birthplace of the LGBTQ+ movement. You cannot afford to miss out on the celebrations in this city. The entire city comes together and hosts an epic party while moving around the city. 

This year, New York City march will be accompanied by a glorious cacophony of music, dancing, color, joy, and determination that cheer your heart. The event will be attended by marchers from political groups, activists, non-profits, and several other organizations. All these individuals will be flying the rainbow flag proudly.

New York City Pride

4. Paris Pride Parade

Gather your friends and head to Le Marais, the gay district, for the movement on June 24th 2023.

Over half a million people will attend the annual Marche des Fiertes LGBT+. Like the other parades happening worldwide, the Paris event will be themed on equal rights and fighting against discrimination faced by the LGBTQIA+ community. 

During the week of the event, there will be parties, competitions, and good music. There will also be gay after-parties, which will happen in bars and clubs near where the Parade ends.

Paris Pride Parade

5. Berlin Movement Parade

The Berlin march, or Christopher Street Day, will occur from July 20th this year. Therefore, mark your calendars for the incoming great event.

This event is one not to miss. The movement will use themed trucks and buses, with music, and pop jams, and the crowd will dance in and around the trucks. If you are a spectator, you can join whichever trailing vehicles you prefer. People will be marching as they sensitize the rest of the world on matters pertaining LGBTQIA+ community. During the event, people who will attend are free to wear anything that they feel like. 

There will be special events happening at the same time as the parade, such as; concerts, DJs, informational stands, and food stalls. The rainbow flags will be provided, and paintings will be available at the rally. An after-party will wrap up the celebration! Before you start packing for your trip to Berlin Pride, make sure you have your travel insurance secured. 

Berlin Pride Parade

6. Montréal Pride Parade

The Montreal rally will take place this year on August 13th.

Montreal Festival, also known as the Festival Fierte Montreal, is now ranked as the leading Francophone gathering globally. The event’s main aim is to enhance support for the local community while serving inspiration to other people globally who are going through injustices. This year’s movement will attract over 2 million locals and foreigners in the two weeks of community, cultural, and festival activities. Instead of staying at home, come and let your voice be heard globally; let no one silence you.

As usual, great music will be played by favorite DJs and some live music bands. During the after, there will be some completion events like fashion shows in gay clubs and restaurants, which many love.

Montréal Quebec Pride

7. Amsterdam Pride Parade

This year’s magical Amsterdam movement will start on July 29th.

Apart from the usual parade, there will be street dances and parties for everyone, including those not members of the LGBTQIA+ community. This event is among the biggest in the world; there will be a massive Canal Parade too. Therefore if you are planning to attend, make an early reservation. In addition, there will be film screenings, debates, sporting activities, exhibitions, etc.

This event typically occurs in the hottest season of the year; as there is minimal rainfall. Therefore if you are planning to attend, don’t worry about the weather as it will be favorable for the event. The event will be attended by some of the top officials in society, including doctors, activists, teachers, and politicians.

Amsterdam Pride Parade

8. Toronto March Parade

This year’s colorful Toronto rally will start on June 25th.

This year’s event is remarkable as the celebratory weekend will entail the Dyke March, Trans-Pride, and Family gay pride Program. Therefore don’t miss it, as the event is open to all; come and celebrate this special occasion.

This year’s celebration will have parties, sporting events, and fun-related activities. The celebration will focus on showing solidarity with the existence of the LGBTQIA+ community.

Toronto Pride Parade

9. London Pride Parade

The event will commence on July 2nd.

The event will commemorate the 50 years of activism, protests, and victories that have led to the movement’s success. Join the movement and show respect to those who made it easier for future generations.

There will be special events like the London LGBTQ+ Stand-up Comedy Festival. There will be a room for the attendees to showcase their talents and the grand party on the last day of the Parade.

London Pride

10. San Francisco Pride Parade

The event will start on June 25th June 2023.

This year’s theme will be “Looking Back and Moving Forward”. Before the ceremony starts, volunteers from the community will participate in installing a huge Pink Triangle on Twin Peaks. It is a tradition annually to remember the gay victims persecuted. The celebration will be an important occasion for the LGBTQIA+ community. You should not miss out; join the community in celebrating the years of fighting against homophobia and inhumanity across the globe.

Prepare for the upcoming San Francisco celebration, there will be two days of fun and entertainment with a packed schedule on the community and the main stage.

San Francisco Pride

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